With more than 50 years of existence and over 40 in motorsports

Saenz transmissions are in active participation in the motorsports of five continents and are essential equipment in vehicles that have achieved championship results at continental, national, regional and even a world title.


As a company, we have the following goals:

The care, well being and development of our human resources, attending to their needs and helping them in achieving self-actualization.

The cooperative growth of our clients and our suppliers, through the development and integration in our processes and objectives, creating new business opportunities.

The preservation of our environment, keeping the protection of nature in mind in our projects.

Technological development that is bringing up to date our products and methods according to the evolution of motor sports.

Achieving positive commercial results through the management of external and internal quality, reaching a competitive position in the world market and complying with the duties of a good corporate citizen.

SAENZ Transmission Europe was first launched at the Autosport International Show, NEC Birmingham in January 2008 by Mike Moloney.

Mike started rallying in 1995 and with a class position on his first day out, it was clear that he was a very demanding driver on his Mk 2 Escort rally car. Several gearboxes later after retiring from an event and losing another good result due to gearbox failure, Mike stumbled on the Saenz TT3 during a visit to New York. It was exactly what he was looking for, a gearbox with drop gears, lots of ratios and on contacting the factory he learned that it could be shipped to the four corners of the world and never be returned to the factory for maintenance. From the transmission drawings Mike could see that they were sturdy and low maintenance and all technical issues he had were answered by the head engineer at Saenz. Unlike other manufacturers, there were no secrets and nothing was a problem at Saenz, which made him feel at ease purchasing a transmission 10,000 miles away.

After the first test with the new TT3 gearbox, Mike's rally car performed like it never did before and it showed on the times at the end of the stage. He finally had a proper gearbox that performed 100%. Upon congratulating Saenz on such a fine product, they asked him to become the European distributor for Saenz, which meant a trip to Argentina for a course on maintenance of all their transmissions and developing the TT3 to work in the Mk 2 Escort and other rear wheel drive cars in Europe.

Based on the west coast of Ireland, 30km from Shannon International Airport, S.T.E.'s facilities include the use of a testing track for all its transmissions to optimise the selection available for all requirements e.g. race/rally. S.T.E. also provides complete back up service for all its transmissions with a full range of parts in stock for the TT3 including Magnaflux black light crack testing in 2012.

Saenz is dedicated to the total satisfaction of its clients, achieved through its unstoppable pursuit of delivering products of maximum technology at realistic prices.


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100% up front or a deposit of 50% is required with any order to begin manufacture. Once an order has been completed the final balance of payment is then due before the order is shipped. All amounts are subject to the US dollar exchange rate of the day of payment. Late payment may result in missing the scheduled monthly shipment.
There are no exceptions to this, i.e. if the customer decides they no longer want the order, as they have commissioned the work and paid a deposit they are still obliged to pay for the work that has been done.